Interview with Johanna McCloy. “Daughter of a CIA operative and editor of her mom Lillian’s book that tells their story” – No Bed of Roses podcast 

 “Under deep cover in the CIA during the Cold War.”  – Berkeleyside
Excerpt: “It’s charming, often troubling, and sometimes hilarious and is altogether a fascinating read.” (Book review by Mal Warwick, member of the National Book Critics Circle)

“Living and Surviving ‘Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant'”BOOMER Magazine
Excerpt: ” . . .  while the tale reveals the complexity and challenges of a spy family’s lifestyle, McCloy tells it with generous doses of humor and candor. Indeed, throughout the memoir, McCloy shares a multitude of odd, eye-opening and incredible tales with inimitable wit and fortitude.” 

Book Review: Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant.Story Circle Book Reviews
Excerpt: “McCloy is a brilliant storyteller, sharing honest emotions without becoming sentimental. Her husband’s new assignments required learning to live in new and diverse cultures and often created palpable tension. Sometimes I had to remind myself this is not a novel, it’s Lillian’s life. Wow!” 

“Motherhood and the CIA: One Woman’s Incredible Memoir.”Bookstr
Excerpt: “The McCloy family had to adapt to everyday life – but in the strangest of circumstances. As Lillian depicts the delicate balance between normalcy and the extraordinary, her humor and wit shine throughout, bringing such a wild story down to earth with a deeply-embedded sense of human nature.” 

“The 80s, Espionage, & Editing”Story Geometry podcast. Host Ben Hess talks to Lillian McCloy (author) and Johanna McCloy (editor/daughter) about Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant

Book Review: Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant Expat Focus 
Excerpt: “Lillian McCloy is a talented writer . . . her story is absolutely fascinating . . . a particularly exciting read . . . definitely recommended!” 

“Who’s That Indie Author? Lillian McCloy”Book Club Mom

California Legislature Certificate of Recognition

Author Lillian McCloy received a California Legislature Certificate of Recognition from then-Assemblymember, Rob Bonta. Bonta is now Attorney General for the state of California.

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“Rad Women, Deep Cover, and a Filipino Folktale,” Alameda Magazine
Excerpt: “McCloy uses her humor, wit, and resolve deftly to keep a healthy perspective on just what she has gotten herself into.”

“Woman Fulfills Mom’s Wish by Getting Her Book Published for Her 90th Birthday”Your Daily Dish
Excerpt: “‘I thought it would be a worthy challenge, but more importantly, a valuable gift to my mother and a way to finally share our family’s story publicly,’ McCloy told Your Daily Dish.” 

“The blend of humor, practical information, and country-hopping adventure maintains a fast pace, bringing many thought-provoking moments. Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant should be welcomed by readers interested in overseas adventures, the realities of a spy’s family, and how families adapt to living in foreign countries.” – Midwest Book Review

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