“[A] thoroughly entertaining account of a CIA family’s nomadic lifestyle. Few living in the U.S. will ever encounter the unique trials and tribulations of the McCloy family, but what a fascinating read it is!”–ALAN B. TRABUE, CIA (Ret.), author of A Life of Lies and Spies

How we started

In January, 2016, Lillian McCloy celebrated her 90th birthday. For this momentous occasion, her daughter Johanna McCloy presented her with the following gift: she would transcribe, edit, and publish the memoir that Lillian drafted on her Selectric typewriter over 25 years ago.

A top literary agency in New York represented Lillian’s manuscript in the early 1990s, when online book retailers and ebooks were barely in existence, and memoir was not the popular genre that it is today. Lillian also wrote her original manuscript under a pseudonym. Publishers enjoyed the book, but didn’t know how best to market it. Thus, her manuscript was eventually boxed and put away.

Johanna McCloy edited the book and created Bordertown Publishing as its publisher. With very limited exposure, Lillian McCloy’s memoir has garnered prominent author blurbs and rave reader reviews. Book clubs are calling it their favorite book selection.

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